Newspaper cuttings

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Below is a list of the headlines/date for the newspaper cuttings. Access to the text of the cuttings is available to members only

Ahey Bridge_House_burned 1923.doc

Allingham 1903.doc

Allingham 1904.doc

Ancient Parish of Kilfarboy 1957.doc

Animals & Water 1957.doc

Anniversary of B ST reprisals 23-9-1922.doc

Appeal Fr Glynn re storm 1916.doc

Army at Miltown 23-9-183 l.doc

Arrests Mount Scott 23-3-1923.doc


Arrests_Seafield_15-9-1923. doc

Assoc, for Propagation of Faith ll-ll-1842.doc


Birth Kenny_7-10-1854.doc

Birth O Dwyer, 1847.doc

Births_Alex_Casey_3-2-18 57. doc

Births_Brew_21-3-186 7. doc

Bishop of Killaloe 1956.doc

Bishop visits 27-5-1839.doc

Bishops of the see of Killaloe 1955.doc

Bob Fitzpatrick 12-10-1958.doc

Burke released from Gormanstown, 1923.doc

Burning Miltown Church.doc

Burren Winterages.doc


Canoes damaged 1897.doc


Castle of Dangan 1953.doc

Cattle Ailments.doc

Cattle Seizure 1905.doc

Cattle Seizure_100YA_21-ll-2003.doc

CCE Miltown AGM 20-ll-1956.doc

Ceoltoiri na Cathrach 9-6-1956.doc

Cess payers 1849.doc

Chevalier O'Gorman CC 4-8-1956.doc

Cholera 1849.doc

Cholera 1883.doc

Clare & Cromwell 1953.doc

Clare Fleadh CC 20-7-1957.doc

Clare of other days 9-6-1956, Mutton Island, glendine.doc

Clare's Mountain Mysteries 1954.doc

Clonbony A. Club AGM 1956.doc

Clonbony Athletes CC ll-l-1941.doc

Clooney, parish .doc

Coastguard 2 1843.doc

Coastguard-1843. doc

Comdt O Neill escapes 16-9-1922.doc

Comdt. O Neill Marraige 1922.doc

Compensation Claims 5-8-1922.doc

Compensation Claims 9-9-1922.doc

Compensation Claims 12-8-1922.doc

Compensation Claims 23-9-1922.doc

Compensation Claims 26-8-1922.doc

Compensation Claims 26-10-1922.doc

Compensation daims 29-7-1922.doc

Compensation Claims30-9-1922.doc

Concert Market House, Golf 1923.doc

 Connie Ryan CC 26-l-1990.doc

Cross ofInniibaoith.doc.doc

Curious Facts of Old Clare.doc



Death O Dwyer 1850.doc

Death O Dwyer 1870.doc

Death O Dwyer, 1847.doc

Death, Casey Quilty, 1872.doc

Depositions 1641CC 1955.doc

Devitt, Commemoration, Crowes Br. 1922.doc

Dramatic Escape 1848.doc

Drowning 1848.doc

Drowning 1862.doc

Drowning at Clonbony 1904.doc

Drowning O Dowd 1905.doc

Dwyer 1871.doc



ESB Station, etc CC12-5-1956.doc

Eviction 1902.doc


Famine public works 1846.doc

Famous Claremen Florence Hensey CC 1956.doc

Famous Claremen James Burke 10-ll-1956.doc

Famous Claremen Major Somerset Bolton CC 1956.doc

Famous Claremen SirJ.T. Banks CC 1956.doc

Famous ClaremenMacNamara Russell, CC 10-ll-1956.doc

Famous Clarermen- James MacNamara 1956.doc

Feis Laichtin Naofa CC 22-9-1956.doc

Fenians 2 1867.doc

Fenians 1867.doc

Fenians 1868, Clare Freeman .doc

Fishing Industry ll-2-1956.doc

Fleadh CC 19-8-1957.doc

Fleadh Cheoil In Beautiful Setting 1957.doc

Four Glorious Years.doc

Fr McKenna, Mullagh.l921.doc

Fr O Shaughnessyl876.doc


GAA 15-2-1941.doc

GAA Co Final Cooradare v MM 1956.doc

GusTierney, 2001.doc


Halloran evicted, Cassino 1902.doc

Harbour Boost for Quilty 1973.doc


Harvest Memories 2-8-1952.doc

Healy, DrJF 1911.doc

Healy, Dr J F student.doc

Hennessy-Darcy. doc


Horan marries O Doherty 1857..doc

Hynes kidnapped 1922.doc



Inagh and its Historical Associations 1954.doc

Internees meeting 4-3-1922.doc

Irish Nat. League 1884.doc

Irish National League 1885.doc

Irish National League 1887.doc

Island Homes Of Clare Saints, Rockall, Bishop's Scattery 1956.doc


Keane's corpse. Disappearance 1885.doc

 Kelly-Kenny_12-12-1913. Doc

 Kenny & Irish National league 1874.doc

 Kenny l-ll-1879.doc

 Kenny_labourers_condition_8-2-188 2. Doc

 Kenny_v_Sexton_14-1-1876. Doc

 Kildimo Model Farm l-l-1849.doc

Kilfenora CB 1956.doc

King of Spain 1986.doc


Laictin Naomha 3-ll-1956.doc

Land league etc 1953.doc

Land League meeting 1888 - CC 6-10-1956.doc

Land league meeting 1888 CC 28-9-1956.doc

Land reclamation CC 4-2-1956.doc


Leashold_sales_6-6-18 72. doc


Leon- Story of Clare Heroism Cc 26-9-1953.doc

Letting Breaffa 6-3-1943.doc

Letting Freagh Caste 6-3-1943.doc

Letting_Merville_4-1-1849 Carroll. doc

Letting_Stacpoole Estate_12-10-1778.doc

Leyden Golf Champion 25-8-1956.doc

Lightening_accident_17-1-186 3. doc

London Irish Pipe Band.doc


M. Devitt, C Champ 4-3-1922.doc

Magistrates 1835.doc

 Magistrates, Ibrickane 1849.doc

Malbay Manufacturing 1 2011.doc

Malbay Manufacturing 2.doc

 Malbay Mfg law case 8-7-1961.doc


 Marraige, Col White, Moroney.doc

Marraige_Casey_Keane 27-1-186 5. doc

Marraige_Casey_M_Locke_6-4-18 5 5. doc

MarraigeJHealy-Tubridy 31-1-18 56. doc

Marraiges_Crawfbrd_l 5-7-1876. doc

Marriage Dwyer 2-3-1829.doc

 Marriage_Kenny_30-11-18 5 3. doc

Mary Ann Sexton 1972.doc

Mathews farm Lloyds weekly 1852.doc

Matthews lost dog 1922.doc


 Miltown  Hails  Golfl956.doc

 Miltown Races CC 22-9-1956.doc

 Miltown arrests 1922.doc

Miltown Filling 7-4-1923.doc

Miltown Magistrates 1835.doc

Miltown men in USA.doc

Miltown Notes l-9-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 4-2-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 4-8-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 6-10-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 18 February 1941 .doc

Miltown Notes 18-2-1956 Gorman's Quarry, Shanaway.doc

Miltown Notes 21-4-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 24-3-1956_Rineen_Coin.doc

Miltown Notes 25-2-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 27-10-1956.doc

Miltown notes 28-1-1956 .doc

Miltown Notes 28-7-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 29-3-1956.doc

Miltown Notes 30-6-1956.doc

Miltown Notes CC 22-9-1956.doc

Miltown Prisoners Clare Jnl 1888.doc

Miltown Prisoners realeased 1882.doc

Miltown Races 8-9-1956.doc

Miltown Remembers 22-4-1922.doc

Miltown Reprisals 1922.doc

Miltown v Kilrush 191i.doc

Miltown v Lisdoonvarna CC 15-9-1956.doc

Miltown v Quilty CC 29-9-1956.doc

Moloney Interred Kilmurry.doc

Moloney, Inquest, Inagh 1923.doc

Monreal Ambush CC 22-l-1982.doc

Mount Callan land letting 1858.doc

Moy Engagement 1922.doc

Moy Fighting 2-9-1922.doc

Mt. Callan bog slide 1901.doc

Mullagh Dispute 1941.doc

Mullagh Robberies CC. 22-4-1922.doc

Mutton Is. CC 15-9-1956.doc

Mutton Island 18-l-1941.doc



No Soccer at Miltown CC Aug 1956.doc


0 Boyle Tribute CC 8-12-1972.doc

0 Connor & White, Drowning Freagh 1873.doc

0 Dwyer nun 1905.doc

0 Dwyer sell cattle 1844.doc

Obit Casey_l-l-1853.doc

Obit Kenny_30-l-1894.doc

Obit King 1922.doc

Obit Moloneyl923.doc

ObitBourke,T. C.doc


Obit Canny CC 25-l-1941.doc

Obit Clancy, Mrs C ll-l-1941.doc

ObitCoimin 14-7-1834.doc

Obit Collins, Patrick_21-9-1916.doc

Obit Donnellan, Miss K. 1922.doc

Obit Gray,  1849.doc


Obit John O Brien_Leeds_ll-ll-1922.doc

Obit Kate O Donnell, CC 29-7-1922.doc

Obit Kelly, Cree l-2-1941.doc

Obit Kelly, James.doc

Obit Kelly4Cenny_29-3-1849.doc

Obit Kenny_24-7-1863.doc

Obit Margaret Curtin 10-ll-1956.doc

Obit Maunsell_30-9-1850.doc

Obit Maxwell 22-9-1850.doc

Obit McCarthy 1923.doc

Obit Moroney, Al.doc

Obit Mrs B O'Connor, 3-3-1956.doc

Obit Mrs Thomas Curtin 1922.doc

ObitMungovan 1941.doc

Obit O'Loughlin ll-l-1941.doc

Obit P. O'Neill 1923.doc

Obit Patrick Collins 1916,.doc

Obit Synge.doc

Obit Tom Lenihan, Munnelly 1990.doc

Obit, Malone 1941.doc

Obit, O'Dwyer, C. Jnl 6-6-1836.doc

Obit. Catherine Lynch CC 14-7-1956.doc

Obit. Fitton, Quilty l-2-1941.doc

Obit. Nora Carroll.doc



Dbit_Donnellan_22-7-1922. doc

Obi t_Donnellan-1916. doc

Obit_Frawley_18-9-19 54. doc

Obit_Morrissey_18-9-19 54. doc

O'Dwyer farm dispute, Annagh, Walshe CC 14-7-1956.doc

O'Dwyer Hay Burned, Casino Lodge, Welsh, Corry, 12-5-1956.doc

O'Gorman's Quarry strike 17-ll-1956.doc

Outrage in_Clare_F Jnl. 17-l-1888.doc

Outrages 1884.doc


Padraic O Conaire.doc

Pat Terry's Mill.doc


Pilkington malicious injury.doc

Placenames, Kilkee & Environs, 1952.doc

Propeller etc _CC 25-8-1956.doc


Quilty Appeal 1916.doc

Quilty Fishing 1962.doc

Quilty Fishing 1964.doc

Quilty Pier-1954.doc

Quilty Wins 80 year fight 1973.doc



Realease of suspects 1882.doc

Reidys Ennis Rd.doc

Repairs to bridge 4-8-1923 - Clonbony.doc

Reprisals at Miltown 1922.doc

RIC notices 1922.doc

Russell Weekend 1995.doc


Sails on Malbay's shore.doc

Sale Fintrabeg 6-3-1943.doc

Sale Kenny estate 26-8-1899.doc

Sea rods 1949.doc

Seafield stores purchased.doc

Seaweed fine 15-5-1843.doc

Seaweed fines 10-2-1843.doc

Seaweed Indusrtry 3-11-1956 -part.doc

Seaweed industry CC 24-ll-1956.doc

 Seaweed prices 1943.doc

Seaweed rights 28-7-1956.doc

 Seaweed Spanish Pt. 1952.doc

Seaweed, uses, Kilrush, 1943.doc

Sense of Place -O hAnluain .doc

Sheep stealing 2-2-1849.doc

Shellfish Industry.doc

Shipwreck - Jannet and Anne.doc

Shipwreck 1906.doc

Shipwreck Rose Adelaide 1849.doc

Shipwreck St Nicholas 1867.doc

Shipwreck The Henrietta 1868.doc

Shipwreck, Adilla SMercator 1837.doc

Shipwreck, Llscannor 1370.doc

Smuggling CC 25-9-1954.doc

St Colman's Oratory CC-l-9-1956.doc

St Joseph's well, Carrigeen, Marino Hotel CC 28-4-1956.doc

Sullivan bankrupt 1867.doc

Sunderland Doughmore WW2 .doc

Surnames CC. 2-8-1952.doc

Synge, Mt. Callan.doc


Temperance 2-6-1842.doc

Tenders to rebuild houses 1922.doc

The Bell that came from the Clouds 1956.doc

THe Bellbridge.doc

The Drowning at Seafield 1906.doc

The factory CC 15-9-1956.doc


The Seaweed Industry In Clare- Glynn 10-ll-1956.doc

Tom Burke Bonesetter.doc

Turlough O'Carolan CC 26-5-1956.doc



United Irish League 1911.doc

Valley of Claureen 1953.doc


W_Smith-0'Brien_l-9-1845. doc

War plane crashes CC 9-6-1989.doc

WCR plea 1960.doc

Wheelmakers Craft.doc

Woods and Scholars CC14-7-1956.doc

Woulfe v Mc Mahon 15-l-1872.doc

WW2 Fighter planes.doc

Wyndhams Model Farm Kildimo.Manchester Times 9-l-849.doc

Yeats SCorcomroe.doc