Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2009

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Selected recordings from the Willie Clancy Summer School 2009

Various performers - see below

A Double CD

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List of Tracks: 

CD 1.

Track 1:  Sean Keane (fiddle).
            Lads of Laois , Dr. Gilbert, Lord Gordon, reels.

Track 2: Liam Kelly (flute)
            Sporting Paddy, Kinvara Reel. (reels)

Track 3: Lillis O'Laoghaire (song)
            The Home I Left Behind.

Track 4: Jackie Daly (accordion).
            Her Mantle so Green(slow air).

Track 5: Cian Talty (pipes).
            Statia Donnelly, Garret Barry's and The Ganderin the Pratie Hole (jigs)

Track 6: Louise Mulcahy (flute).
            Down the Broom, The Bush in Bloom (reels) .

Track 7:  Kate McNamara
            Coen's Memories & The Plough and The Stars (reels)

Track 8: Tara Breen (fiddle).
            Ahearne's Egg, David's Jig (jigs), Dowd's Favourite (reel)

Track 9: Mick Crehan (whistle).
            May Bán, and The Last House in Ballymackea, (hornpipes).

Track 10: Conor Keane (accordion).
            Francie Donnellan's, the Kilmaley Reel The Hunter's House (reels)

Track 11: Mikie Smyth (pipes).
            The Wild Geese (Air)

Track 12: Caitlín Nic Gabhann (concertina).

            Chase Me Charlie, An Coilleach ag Fógairt an Lae (The Cock Crowing at Dawn), Con

 Cassidy's. (jigs). 

Track 13. Síle Denvir (song).  Dónal Óg

Track 14: Billy Clifford (flute).

            Peter Wyper's and The Wonder (Hornpipes).

Track 15. Sean and Cian Talty, with Caoimhín Ó'Raghallaigh (pipes and fiddles).
            Sailor on the Rock, Lucy Campbell's, Jenny Picking Cockles, Collier's (reels)

Track 16: Bobby Gardiner (melodeon) with Mick Mulkearns and Mairéad Casey, dancing.
            Hand Me Down the Tackle, The Heather Breeze, Miss McLeod's (reels).


CD 2

Track 1: James Kelly (fiddle).
             Caoineadh an Spailpín (air), Michael Coleman's Barndances

Track 2: Moss Landman (pipes).
            The Leitrim Bucks, Jenny Picking Cockles & Travers' (reels).

Track 3: Claire & Breda Keville (concertina & fiddle) .
             The IrelandWe Knew, The Dogs among the Bushes(reels)

Track 4:  Sean Garvey (song)
            Farewell to Lissycassey

Track 5: Paudie O Connor (accordion).
            The Upperchurch, Over the Hills and Far Away, The Five Servants  (polkas)

Track 6: Siobhán Hogan (flute).
            DunguaireCastle(fling) & The Teelin Highland Fling

Track 7: Caoimhín Ó'Raghallaigh (fiddle).
            Céad Moladh le Muire Beannaithe (hymn), Big Pat's, Dan Breen's, Gone for His Tea (reels),

     Humours of Derrykissane ( slip jig)  

Track 8: Gavin Whelan (whistle).
            Bean Dubh a' Gleanna, Ambrose Moloney's (air & reel).

Track 9: Páidí Mhárthain Mac Gearailt (song).
            Beauty Deas an Oileán

Track 10: Denis Liddy & Vinnie McMahon (fiddles).
             Willie Clancy's and Kitty Sean's (flings).

Track 11: Ciarán Somers (flute).
            Johnny Cope (Hornpipe).

Track 12: Jimmy O'Brien Moran (pipes)
            The South West Wind, Sarsfield's Quickstep (jigs)

Track 13:Mary Ellen Curtin (concertina).
           Willie Coleman's, The Mug of Brown Ale (jigs)

Track 14: Francie Rasdale (whistle)
             The Gooseberry Bush (reel), The Maho Snaps (jig)

Track 15:  Áine Uí  Cheallaigh (song)

             Eleanóír a Rún

Track 16: Charlie Harris (accordion) with Mick Mulkearns and Mairéad Casey, dancing.
            The Wise Maid, Last Nights Fun  (reels)

Extract from Sleeve Notes: 


These recordings are published by OIDHREACHT AN CHLÁIR (OaC) with the cooperation of Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy and with the permission of the artists.

The tracks presented here are selected from the full range of events organised over the week-long summer school in July 2009. They were recorded live and in all cases the performances were intended for the benefit of the audience present and the performers were not aware of any intention to publish.

During the Willie Clancy Summer School, the number of individual public performances runs to many thousands and it is not possible to include them all on these CDs. The selection of tracks here is based on a variety of factors, often of a technical nature.  It should not be seen as being in any way a competitive process nor a reflection on any individual.

The performers on these CDs are amongst the world’s finest exponents of the traditional arts. OaC would like to thank them for the generous donation of their performances, without which the CDs could not have been produced.

 Tunes are identified where possible. However, alternative titles may also apply.

© All rights reserved.  OaC are not aware of any copyright on the material on these CDs other than as indicated. If other copyright has been infringed we will be pleased to hear from the holders.

Published by Oidhreacht an Chláir Teo.

May 2010

Other Information: 

Published by Oidhreacht an Chláir Teo.

May 2010
OAC-CD 0004/5

Rogha WCSS 09
Double CD