Lucky for Some

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Lucky for Some

Tonnta Ceoil



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List of Tracks: 

1. One Sue (Jigs)

2. Ooh La La (Song)

3. The Curly Set (Hornpipe / Reels)

4. The Voyage (Song)

5. Soggy Teets (Slip jigs)

6. We found Harmonium (Reels)

7. First of May (Song)

8. The Dredgens (Slides)

9. Dear Diary (Slow Air)

10. Wagon Wheel (Song)

11. The Fawn (Reels)

12. Should I Fall Behind (Song)

13. The Ginger's Horn (March / Reels)

Other Information: 

Recorded at Malbay Studios, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare 2014

Single CD
Tonnta Ceoil