The History of Bunratty Castle

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Martin Breen



The History of Bunratty Castle.


Martin Breen.


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Early Settlements at Bunratty
The First Castle – 1251 (incl. De Clare Pedigree)
The Second Castle – 1277
The Third Castle -1353
The Fourth Castle – c1430 – 1440 (incl. O Brien pedigree)
Earl Donough O Brien moves to Bunratty Castle
The 1646 siege of Bunratty  Castle
Bunratty in the modern era
Bunratty Castle today
Appendix I (references from George U. Macnamara’s papers on Bunratty in 1915  ( including The Battle of Dysert O Dea, 1318)
Appendix II (Inventory of Bunratty Castle taken 1639)
Appendix III (Inventory of property taken from Bunratty Castle after the death of Henry O Brien, 5th Earl of Thomond in 1639)
Appendix IV (Richard Ball’s sketch Plans of Bunratty Castle (possibly 1624 – 39)
Appendix V 9(The Westropp plans of Bunratty Castle.


Other Information: 

The Anglo-Normans arrived in Ireland in 1169. In 1248 King Henry III of England granted the district of Tradraighe, in which Bunratty is located, to the Norman knight, Robert de Muscegros, who erected the first fortified structure at Bunratty. Four distinct castles or fortifications have stood here since the middle of the thirteenth century, an indication of the importance of the site, situated as it is on the river passage to Limerick, once an important Viking and later Norman trading centre. The chequered history of Bunratty is filled with stories of sieges and conquests, executions and murders, even an occasional spirit, and individuals seeking to be overlord; of Norman, Irish and English, all inextricably linked to mould the story of Bunratty, spanning a period of almost 800 years.

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Martin Breen, Ruan, Co. Clare