Patrick Kelly

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Patrick Kelly.
Fiddle Music from Cree

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List of Tracks: 

1. Reel : Bonny Kate
2. Reel: The Flogging
3. Jig: Sweet Biddy Daly (Baron’s)
4. Reel Paddy on the Turnpike
5. Reel Sheehan’s
6. Jig: The Priest in his Boots
7. Set dance: Old Rodney’s Glory
8. Reel: The College Grove
9. Reel: Fermoy Lasses
10. Jig: The Frieze Britches
11. Reel The Maid Behind the Bar
12. Reel: The Foxhunters
13. Set dance The Blackbird
14. Reel: The Morning Star
15. Reel: The Salamanca
16. Waltz: The Dew Drop
17. Jig: The Old Geese in the Bog
18. Reel Drowsy Maggie (The Reel with the Birl)
19. Jig Gillan's Apples
20. Reel: The Star of Munster
21. Set dance: The Humours of Bandon
22. Hornpipe:The Liverpool
23. Reel: The Bird in the Bush
24. Reel: The Mason's Apron

Extract from Sleeve Notes: 

About Patrick Kelly

Born in 1905, Patrick Kelly spent his life on the family farm just outside the West Clare village of Cree. His fiddle teacher father, Tim had acquired much of his repertoire and style from a travelling fiddler, George Whelan of Kerry, and Patrick remembered a steady stream of aspiring musicians to the Kelly household in his childhood. In many respects, Patrick was typical of the rural dance players of his time: his most regular venue was the neighbouring McMahons house, just a short step across the fields. Forays outside the parish of Kilmacduane were limited to occasional visits to Kilrush and a round of tunes with the great concertina player, Elizabeth Crotty. The twelve-mile cycle ride home was often punctuated by a stop in Cooraclare, where he would be called in to play for the set by fiddle player, Nora Marrinan (Mrs MacInerney)

George Whelan is said to have taught individual bowing patterns for specific tunes and Patrick recalled being taught certain tunes in this manner, although the practice was later abandoned. His bow work is unusually delicate and the precise use of short bow strokes contrasts with the longer bowing patterns favoured by the fiddle players of the nearby Quilty/Mullagh area. Although somewhat reminiscent of fiddle players from Kerry and West Limerick, his ability to add in long bow strokes and rolls, whilst maintaining the melodic and rhythmic coherence of the tune, make his playing unique.

Patrick held strong views on the introduction of recorded music in the early thirties and, unlike many of his contemporaries, he appears to have been little affected by either recorded or printed music. Whilst admiring the artistry of Sligo fiddler Michael Coleman, he thought that the use of '78 records' for set dancing helped kill local fiddle traditions. Patrick is possibly best known for being the source of the magnificent Foxhunter's Reel (#10), popularised by Seán Keane and The Chieftains. For this tune (and, apparently, no others), Patrick would utilise a tuning of A/E/A/E (or sometimes, G/D/G/Dl.

the 1960s, the outside world began to beat a steady path to his door and Patrick was always pleased to oblige visitors by playing or talking about the music he loved. I was fortunate to meet Patrick in July 1975 and the fascinating hours spent in his company were the beginning of my education in the music of West Clare. His untimely death in 1976 marked the end of an era and Ireland lost a musical giant.


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Fiddle Music Cree
Patrick Kelly